Neuigkeiten August 2016

Mail von Gita:

Dear Renato, Pia, Tomi and Team,
Many greetings from us
Everything is going well here. We hope that you all are doing well.
Regarding the project in Ghatlang, I am regularly in contact with representative of Ghatlang. They informed me that they started the construction work for community building. Very soon we will send the money to their bank account.
For the moment Amin is continuing the English course. Before October season, he will take the basic trekking guide course. Similarly Now we have a new student namely Yogesh Shrestha for English class. We are paying his course fees as well.
It is great opportunity for keshar Shrestha. We congratulate to him that he got the visa of month mountaineering training course in NOLS USA. It is one of the best training institutes for mountaineering course. It will help to get more better job in tourism field in Nepal. It is very expensive but he got small amount scholarship from that institute.  So he expects some financial support from our project as well for his training. He would like to request up to CF600 from as well.  Could you answer please soon so that he can get the opportunity to go for the mountaineering course? 
We are happy to get the reply, feedback and support.
Take care
Gita and team