Grundkurs und erweiterte Näherinnen Kurse – 2017/2018

Heute gab es wieder Neuigkeiten und Bilder aus Nepal.

Gita und sein Team organisieren Näherinnen Kurse. Im 2017 Grundkurse und in 2018 dann darauf aufbauende weiterführende Kurse.

Die Angebote werden gut besucht und ermöglichen den Frauen ein kleines Einkommen.

Info von Gita:

Dear Renato and friends,

Many greetings from Nepal.

First of all we would like to give big thank to you all for the support.

Today I have attached some pictures of 2 months of Advance sewing training course in my village, Najing.

The program is from March 1, 2018 to may 3, 2018. Similar course but basic course we run last year as well. As a refreshment advance course, this year also we gave this training to them. There were 9 participants in the class. It was best course for them. Because now they can sew the school dress and some other clothes as well. This training was a bridge for them to start small sewing business in the village. Some of them already started to earn money from this training.

2500 Swiss franc which you send to Annelies, we received it. Thank you again all of you for your great support. We ensure you all that we use this money properly.

Thank you for your support, suggestion and ideas.

I hope we will receive all those support in future as well.

Best regards,

Gita and Team.