Infos aus Nepal – Juli 2015

Auszug aus dem letzten Mail von unserem Guide Gita am 4. Juli aus Kathmandu:
(gekürzte Version)

Dear Renato,

Thank you very much for the best wishes to my family. Both baby and mother are fine. becouse of operation, pratima (my wife) not yet recovered. Hope it will be soon recover. she need support in every step.

the life style is getting slowly normal in kathmandu. most of them are no more in tent. They return back to home.

Langtang area and Manaslu area is the major effected area of earthquake. Many of village of these part are totally destroyed and many villlages are high risk of landslide. Now a days most of the village of langtang are shifting to other part and becouse of landslide it is not possible to there by road. Goverment are doing their relief activities by helicopter. very soon goverment will take the decision regarding right place to shift the village which is effected. We are looking forward the decision of goverment for the help activities. Many organization and project are willing to work in Lantang area and goverment also giving high priority and investing a lot of money in that area. So it will be good if we wait till the goverment decision.

because of earthquake Both Amin and Khadga are now in their village. They are supporting to their family. When they come to kathmandu, they will continue their study.

Thank you very that you collected so much money to support us.
The money which you sent me before, We sent directly to our staff to Lantang area.

We wish you good time.

Best Regards,