Dezember 2015: Direkte Neuigkeiten aus Nepal

Auszug aus einem Mail von unserem Guide Gita am 11. Dezember 2015 aus Kathmandu:
Dear Renato, Pia and team,
Many greetings from Gita,Keshar and team.
As per my visit to Langtang area,I am writting you what i have seen in that area.This area was most effected area from earthquake of 2015. All most every families have loosed the house and currently they are staying in cattle house.They do not have place to store the food what they produced. I visited some village e.g. kalikasthan, bhorle,Sybrabesi, Timure,Ghatlang,Goljung is still difficult to go forther from Lama hotel to Langtang and Kanjin Gumba.I went until Ghatlang. As you all know, Ghatlang was a village with big settlement.
There are about 500 family and about 2400 hundred citizen are living in cattle house.I talk with local people of there and they request us to support to make their lifestyle normal.Because of big settlement, it is difficult to support each and every family and citizen but I agree to support to whole communities. I focused to support either school or health post. New building for school and healthpost are supporting by JICA and Karuna foundation respectively They request us to provide the warm jacket for this winter to the student.Likewise healthpost instrument for delivery set, computer etc.are their demands.
The communities are demanding a community house as well.
I think it would be good idea to support in this big settlement Ghatlang for the community benefit.
we are Looking forward to register a official project to the goverment then we are allowed to work officially.
please write us you and your team’s opinion and ideas to run the project.
we will continue the training course to Amin and Khadga when the current difficult situation normal.
We are looking forward your reply
please find some picture of this areas.
Thank you